Our Friends & Inspirations
The stories and content within this website, ‘The Chronicles of Nithrendia’ are the intellectual property of/authorized use by James C, & Wendy M Shaw. 2014 & 2015
One author in whom we have found great inspiration is of course R.A. Salvatore
My wife and I are both avid Harry Potter fans. We inspired by both the style, and success story of J.K. Rowling.
Leather Mystics, is a real world shop for leather goods, clothing, and lots of custom accessories. Not only do they exist in real life, their shop is now in the world of Nithrendia. With the gracious permission of our dear friends, Robert and Leah. Don’t just read about them in Sonora’s Last Voyage, but visit them in real life. See where the clothing styles of the world of Nithrendia...come to life.
Raymond Feist broke the rules to write his books, and we love him for it.  The detail, and the depth to which he tells his stories have inspired our writing style to a significant degree.
We have been working with a local artist here in Danville, Virginia. Aaron Sleeper, when not teaching at the local schools, has been helping us bring the world of Nithrendia to life.  Visit his site to see more of his work.
The North Carolina Rennaissance Festival is one of our favorite places to be found in the fall.  My wife, Wendy, and I are avid cosplay fans.  At the Ren-Fest, we have played the part of Rangers, Elves, Pirates, we held our marriage vow renewal as Sith Lords, and we have been thrown out of the Kings court, as Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy.   There is pretty much no limit to they fun you can have here.
The thing that really makes the North Carolina Rennaissance Festival work is the people.  We have yet to find another festival with the same level of interaction and genuine friendships that can be found here.
Should you ever need to hire, Captain Jack Sparrow, for any event within range of Charlotte, NC.  Look no farther than our friend, T.J. Scronce.  He is the closest thing you will find to Captain Jack, without actually hiring Johnny Depp.  Click the image to learn more. For some additional humor you can see my wife and I, as Sith Lords, Lady Severis & Lord Rameron, as we face off against the good captain.
Another of our favorite authors is John Flanagan, with his hit series, Rangers Apprentice. A well written series that we found ourselves reading each night before bed, until we read them all.
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