Leigh Kraines Journals & Rumors Return to Home Leigh’s Bio...Who is Leigh Kraine Leigh Branigan Kraine, 47 years old. Born in 873 AC, in Steigenborg, Westhelgen Duchy, Grand Duchies of Asendia  Leigh grew up in the heart of the city of Steigenborg, the son of Josef and Anna Kraine.  As a boy Leigh idolized his father, who worked as Sir Galran Ballerick’s personal chronicler and historian.  Leigh watched as Josef was praised for the accuracy and style of his writing.  No son could have been prouder than when  his father published his first book, chronicling the heritage and achievements of the Ballerick family.  With his fathers blessing, and a generous grant from Sir Ballerick, Leigh, at the age of 17, set out to begin what is to become a colorful and adventurous career, following in his fathers footsteps. Taking small chronicling jobs, and riding along with caravaners across Asendia and the southern kingdom of Salatia, Leigh learned to defend himself, and others, from the goblin raiders of the deep forest roads, and from rogues in the cities as well.   For two years Leigh worked as the chronicler for a mercenary company known as ‘The Shields of Dasteron’.  It was here that Leigh learned the inner workings of the Mercenaries Guild, about Mages, and adventuring Clerics, and most of all about the life of an adventurer.  Merek Dasteron, the founder and leader of The Shields of Dasteron, taught Leigh the art of war, how to find trouble, and most importantly how to avoid trouble.  These became skills that Leigh would carry for the rest of his life.  Merek had traveled the  world over, twice!  On the long trips guarding nobles, caravan’s and mysterious mages, and soaking up all the stories and lessons that Merek would teach him, about politics, far away places, and religions.  Leigh had grown to romanticize the life of an adventurer, which would inspire both him and his writing style for life.  By the age of 27 Leigh had settled in Caledonia, the capitol of the Nation of Calamata, to the south of the kingdom of Salatia.   There he worked as a chronicler for various guilds, courts, and noblemen, until widespread sales of his first published literary work, ‘Rise of an Empire’, became prominent enough to provide an independent income that would allow the pursuit of additional works.  By the age of 32, Leigh Kraine had become widely known for producing short stories, biographies, and historical works, that could  be counted on for truth and accuracy, not to mention the zeal and flair with which he told them.  His detailed accounts are respected  throughout the nations of Calamata, the Kingdom of Salatia, The Grand Duchies of Asendia, and even as far away as The Emirates of Salhazara.  Several of Kraine’s works are even used in schools, and universities.  It has even been rumored, that some of his works due to their content and detail, have even been purchased by certain Nations, and possibly a few thieves guilds, for use as tools of  espionage.    Kraine currently travels abroad, documenting the lives of famous people, organizations, and events of historical significance, and  producing accurately written works about them.   The literary works are then published and sold to the public at large, through  the Cavalier Publishing Company, in the port city of Glennshaw, in Calamata.  Kraine currently places his works with Cavalier,  due to their advanced printing presses, and ability to distribute his works far and wide across Nithrendia. Liegh Kraine interviews Shamus Valoris.  7th Level Cleric. Former Priest of Olemius, Convert to the Order of Thaylian.  After questioning the High Priests of Olemius, Shamus converted to the Order of Thaylian.  When I met Shamus, he was in the midst of a self imposed quest, seeking truth and justification of faith.  When I  had heard that Shamus’ and Sonora D’Faust’s paths had crossed at Port Sebastian, and that he had traveled with her, even into the perils of the lost city of Dovran-Moor, I simply had to have an interview.  I Got far more than I barganed for, It turns out that Shamus is a treasure trove of historical lore, and the many tales of his travels  and adventures will cost me a good number of quills and ink wells. Leigh Kraine interviews Sir Calvin Basteel,  9th Level Cavalier.                      King’s Knight & Captain of the 1st Provisional Services Company, of Salatia.                               Sir Calvin and I met rather innocently over drinks at the Flying Flagon, Which I must say is one of                               the top ten of the finest Inn’s and Dining establishments in the city of Salatia.  After having delivered                              a signed copy of my just published work, ‘Demise of a Captain, the Fall of Faengus Reign’, to none other                              than my good friend, King Edward Falderon, of Salatia.  The Good Captain recognized me and we proceeded                               to share a couple of drinks.                              To my complete surprise, a couple of navy men under his purview, had some interesting news about Sonora  D’Faust.  They had told a tale of Sonora, A traveling Priest named Shamus, two teenage boys, and lastly of themselves, Ronsard  and Gaius, having stormed the lost city of Dovran-Moor, under Sonora’s leadership.  Apparently, I am to understand they rescued  captives taken by an evil cult, and received something of a hero’s welcome at Galvan’s Point.  You can imagine my shock and surprise.  As I am sure there is far more to the story, I have decided to set off, Following in Sonora’s footsteps.  It seems everywhere she has  been, there will be a story worth telling. Click to Read The Day I Left The Darkwind By Leigh Kraine
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