The Day I Left The Darkwind
Yesterday was my last day on the infamous pirate ship, the Darkwind.  As I sit here in what is definitely a lower quality inn, which I only chose due to its price…but alas you get what you pay for.  I find myself reflecting on my last year of life.  I just may have seen more on that last year than most have seen in a lifetime, but what stands out most is the events of the last two weeks.  I have seen a very brave young woman stand up for what is right, by saving the lives of one hundred and thirty three souls.   She did this by facing a man whom some would, and many have, called the spawn of a demon.   That young woman is Sonora D’Faust, former first mate of the Darkwind, I say former, because she became the captain, after killing the then captain, Faengus Reign.  At the time Faengus was conducting yet another raid as pirates do, when he decided to take things to the next level.  By not only taking all of the passengers possessions, but also their lives, when he ordered the ship burned and sunk, with all aboard. That was when everyone, including myself, heard Sonora’s voice raise above all others when she shouted, “Belay that order…you will burn nothing!”   At this I came in close to the action and discovered the truth of Faengus’ insidious order to burn the ship.  I immediately knew that we were about to have a problem by her reaction.   When I joined the rest of the crew gathered around the two of them, she was standing face to face with Faengus, and I could tell that she was not going to back down.  Faengus was enraged, and belittled her for challenging his order…then he ordered her to toss the first torch across, or she would be thrown across to share their fate. Sonora immediately refused his order, and braced herself for a fight.  No sooner than she had refused, Faengus came in with the first blow.  She was prepared for Faengus’ anger, and easily blocked his punch and put him on the deck.   This angered him even further, causing him to fly into a rage.  Watching this unfold before my eyes, it seemed that the fight went on for a while, but it was really over in moments, with only one survivor…Sonora D’Faust.  She was beaten and bloody, but still alive, and she had killed Faengus and thrown him overboard, in clear view of the crews of both ships. As the new acting captain, she had saved the lives of all aboard the captured ship.  Her first orders as the new captain was a surprise to all.  She asked the crew to repair the damage they had done to the other ship, and to return, at least, the personal belongings to the passengers.  With Sonora near to collapsing, the crew had without question, taken her as their captain, and she was carried below to the surgeon. After she had been carried away, I remained topside to see what the crew would do next.  I have to admit, that I myself, was still in shock at what had just happened.  I am both surprised, and at the same time, pleased, to report that the crew actually began following her orders without question.   For many of us it just seemed to be the right thing to do.  I watched as they untied the sailors, and passengers, and then began returning their personal belongings.  Then the crew of the Darkwind did what I never thought possible, and in fact would not have been possible, had the dreaded Faengus Reign still been alive.  They repaired the sails and rigging, and in short order brought food and water to the men, women, and children aboard the other ship. Two days later when I finally saw Sonora again, she was standing on the fo’c’sle giving directions.  In her  absence the crew had elected Elyus as the new first mate, and all had agreed to continue sailing under Sonora’s authority as the new captain.  I also discovered that the other ship that had been taken, was none other than, the Mermaid’s Quest.    Sonora looked as well as could be expected, but now wore a patch over her right eye, that during the fight with Faengus, had been cut quite badly, enough I am told, that the sight from it shall be gone for life.  She held an air of authority that the rest of the crew seemed to respond to, but was nonetheless, in my opinion, dazed from the recent events, as were we all. Over the next days, she was quiet and stayed to her cabin quite often.  I was pleased when she summoned me to sit with her and speak of things to come, as I had grown to consider her a friend by this point.  I was somewhat concerned from the sight of her cabin, as it was apparent that she had consumed quite the store of rum.   As we spoke, I found her to be in a reflective state, and she had privileged me with her confidence to discuss her thoughts about her life to this point.  I simply listened as a friend should, and offered my meager advice when asked.  By the end, I knew her plans for the future, and they did not include staying on the Darkwind, nor continuing on as a pirate.  Out of my sincere respect for her, I told no one…until now. I say until now, due to the fact that I have waited for her to have ample time to make her departure, and have perhaps, the opportunity to find a new life, far away from her former.   Sonora had wanted to see the Mermaids Quest to safe harbor, and then, to leave the Darkwind and the life of pirating behind, for a more respectable life.  Having witnessed the various acts aboard the Darkwind over the last year, and in spite of my understanding of the king’s law, I must say that I do wish her the greatest success in this endeavor. Firstly, we made sail for Port Selanus, and then at the urging of the crew, turned sail to the north before entering the port proper, but nonetheless, had seen the Mermaid safely and soundly to a safe harbor.  Days later, after sailing night and day, we made the somewhat less than lawful, Port of Sebastian, in the baronless barony of Sturnhelm.  I found myself privileged to be upon the deck as Sonora followed through with her plans.  Taking only her bags, and little more, Sonora marched to the gangplank, and left those gathered nearby speechless, when she, without warning handed her hat to Elyus and said…The ship is yours.  Before they could get their wits about them…she had disappeared into the crowded streets of Sebastian.   Having said it once, I shall say it again.  It is my fondest wish that she find a new start, and I feel certain that she will.  I myself will be checking out of this dump of an inn when the sun rises, I will then find passage on a ship to the south, returning to my home in the city of Salatia.  There, I will begin the summation of my year aboard the Darkwind, which now has taken a turn which I had never expected when I started this endeavor.  Due to the events which have transpired, and also inspired me, from then to now, the title of my latest work shall be, Demise of a Captain, The Fall of Faengus Reign.
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