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     Simply put, Nithrendia is a fantasy world.   Much like our real home, here on Earth, but with a number of very important differences.  It began with role playing games, and entertaining stories and tales told on long road trips, and during gaming sessions with friends and family.   Over the last few years … it grew into something far greater.   An entire planet, known as the world of Nithrendia, a home for all the nations, creatures, and stories, as well as a home for the books, games, and art that is now being developed for it.      While Nithrendia is certainly in a high fantasy genre, we wanted the world to be believable as well, with many aspects rooted in real life Earth history, yet filled with ‘what if’s,’ and fantastic adventures.   While we are inspired greatly by the works of RA Salvatore, John Flannagan, Raymond Feist, and JK rowling, we did not want to simply make a carbon copy of previous adventures, or write fan fiction.   We wanted unique, and original tales, with new characters, and totally new adventures, So, the solution was to start from scratch and build everything.       This of course has taken an immense investment in time, writing, map making, drawing, hiring artists and commissioning work, historical research, and even hands on sparring with LARP, and fighting the knights, of the European Medieval Arts of Arms academy.   If we are going to write about fantasy adventures, battles, love stories, and epic conflicts, we intend to do it right, we needed to know what it would be like to wear armor all day, to fight with various weapons, what kind of tactics work, and which ones don’t.      We are also inspired by many of our friends at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and in the world of Nithrendia, some of their characters, and even a shop or two, are coming to life in our books.  Just as they can be found in the village of Fairhaven outside of Huntersville, North Carolina, a few of them exist as characters in our world as well, but there may be some very interesting changes.      We hope you will take the time to explore our site, and of course, we hope you will order and enjoy reading our books, as they become available, as much as we enjoy writing them.   If you are passionate about good fantasy adventures, you can rest assured we are too, and we will be writing the best stories we can pull from our minds.                           
One of our artists, Aaron Sleeper, has done wonders with Sonora’s Last Voyage. We are eager to see the newest things he has for Nithrendia.
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Humans are not the only beings that inhabit the world of Nithrenda. Dwarves, Elves, Faeries, and other creatures are known to dwell upon the surface. Below the surface, a much darker world exists.  Goblins, Duergar, and dark elves known as the Drow rule the underworld, known only as Subterranon. All else is steeped in rumors, and legends, for the brave, or the fool hardy to discover for themselves.
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James Christopher Hill This fall we would like to welcome a second artist to our site, and are exited to see some additional ideas he has for our world. Click the photos above to visit our artists sites online.