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James c Shaw Wendy M Shaw 2014, 2015
All of our work is now supervised, and proof read to insure it is both family, and cat friendly.  Although some battle scenes do get a PG discretion advised. A few goblins, a pirate, and several undead, may have been harmed during writing.
We have been working hard as time permits to produce detailed maps of our world.  Not just basic drawings, but full on, detailed, hand drawn and painted maps.  Maps that show detailed images of towns, rivers, terrain features, roads, and each tree is individually drawn to be unique.  We have many, many, maps, but are waiting to post them when they are ready. It takes time to build a planet !
There is a chapter in Sonora’s Last Voyage, called tracks in the snow. When you read it you will see why, she is a long way from the sea now, and on the trail of some very bad people.  Just her, and Bellafuss, her loyal war horse, following these very sinister men down the old abandoned west road, she is deter- mined to find out what they are up to.
These are just three of the very unique chapter headings that Aaron Sleeper has illustrated for us.  After reading the manuscript, Aaron has rendered images for the chapter headers, that capture the essence of the events in that chapter, making each one unique                 to the events occurring                    in that part of the                    book.                       Looking above at                     chapter 5, ‘A Hard                   Road,’ Sonora finally               Leaves the port city of               Sebastian.  With her is                the man known as, The              Traveler. This character                is based off of Shamus                   the Insulter, found                   at the Carolina Ren-                      Fest.  Just as he                   does at the RenFest,                 he also has the iconic             Wide brimmed hat in our Story as well. Aaron has captured that moment, as Sonora and Shamus are riding out together.  Of course here, far from an insulter, Shamus, becomes something of a heroic figure.  
If you were from Nithrendia, and you lived in the border regions between the kingdom of Salatia, and The Grand Duchies of Asendia, the Northwatch rangers could tell you a thing or two about mountain Trolls, and Dark Elves, or the Drow as most people commonly know them. Try to steer clear of Kales Mountain, and Alevale ridge … if you can.
    EARLY CONCEPT ART While not appearing in the book, above is the early concept art from Aaron, back in the early days of the development, and storyboarding of Sonora’s Last Voyage.  You may notice, that the final cover has a striking resemblance to the figure here. So, think of this image, as what Sonora looked like as a teenager on board her fathers ship. This fits perfectly with the back stories in the book about Sonora’s early days, and her father teaching her how to fence, and swordfight.