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           THE MOONLIGHT TRADERS                                  Currently in Production     Captain Ardogan LeBroc is a man of interest to quite a number of dock masters,     across Salatia, and Asendia.  He can not return to the Emirate of Iskandar     without a good disguise, and his ship has been banned from entering the ports    of Hirosaka.  The one place he is welcome with the fewest questions is his home   city of Port Ballshannon, in the United Shires of Calamata, where his shipping business is legally registered, and he has a beautiful villa overlooking the bay. No one has ever proven, beyond Captain LeBroc’s or his First Mate, Donovan James’ outlandish and remarkably complicated, and confusing excuses, that they have actually done anything to be thrown into the dungeons, or hung for.   However...in the back alleys, and in bars and taverns, down on the docks, and    on the decks of more than one pirate ship, Captain Ardogan LeBroc’s name is     often spoken, and sometimes whispered.  He may be the man to get you where     you need to go, when no one else can...or will.  He may also be the man who can   move that hard to place cargo, the one you’ve spent the last month trying to figure out how to sell...without being arrested.
Sonora’s Last Voyage !!!Book is now complete and in Final Editing!!!
The Stridenhold Diaries Currently in Production
Halakan’s Stand Currently in Production
Scarlett Stridenhold grew up as a farm girl in a small town outside of the Baron’s capitol city of  Ailenar.  She had become known as a hard working student and daughter, and growing up   on a cattle farm, she had learned to handle a horse better than most men.  She assumed this    would be her life, until her Uncle Eldric, a senior ranger from Northwatch, taught her to use a      bow, to track, and everything she wanted to learn about woods lore.  Uncle Eldrics lessons led to     a fifteen year career as a ranger stationed out of Northwatch, and an eventual promotion to the   rank of captain.  While on a six week leave and flirting with a new fanciful idea, Scarlett joined the bounty hunters guild at Havelock, for a little excitement and chance to pick up a bag of gold.   The chase was on, and the adventure that followed led her all over the city of Havelock, across the border into Asendia, and into some of the shadiest places she never thought she would find. Along the way, this adventure, and a wanted man named Gunther Bilgen, will end up changing the course of a life she had spent years in planning.
James C Shaw Wendy M Shaw 2014, 2015
Sonora D’Faust is the First Mate, under the infamous Captain, Faengus Reign, aboard the most hunted pirate ship on the Salatian coast.   By sunrise, she will have to face the hardest decision of her life.  Drawing upon the courage, & compassion, she never knew was within her, she took a stand.  A stand that would leave one man dead, but save the lives of one hundred and thirty three men, women, and one little girl. After that fateful day, her life would never be the same again. With the perils of the sea behind her, she must now discover who, or what, she is becoming, and make sense of the growing power inside her.   But to do so, means facing the deadly perils ahead.   She will find that the rumors of the Darkwood, and its fairy tale monsters, told to scare children in sea ports, are much more than just rumors.   The lives of a mysterious traveling priest, a mercenary Captain, two teenage boys, and a young mage’s apprentice, all intersect on a journey of discovery, change, and courage.     
Rise of a Paladin In production - 80% Complete !
Cover art currently in production by Aaron Sleeper @ Aaron Sleeper Illustrations
Haunted by the fear that her former life would one day catch up to her, Sonora D’Faust, continues to forge a new life in Helmsgard, far to the north in the Grand Duchies of Asendia.  Until the day a King’s Knight of Salatia, comes to visit, then, everything begins to change. Sonora realizes that for the first time in her life, she is falling in love, but, he has no idea who she really is, or that there is a bounty on her in Salatia, issued by the king. Sonora’s fears become overshadowed, when she discovers that an evil cult is at work to bring ruin to both nations, in their obsession to posses the ultimate power … Imortality. After uncovering a plot to kill the King’s Knight, and his adviser, a Priest of Thaylian.  Sonora makes the decision to ride  non-stop from Helmsgard, to Voloran Keep, and back into the Kingdom of Salatia.  Accompanied by a thief, turned mercenary, she is in a race against time, to arrive at Voloran before the fall of an assassin’s blade.
Halakan Baheir Nazrasadi, is a young man caught between two worlds, not completely belonging to either.  Entrapped in a world of espionage and politics, Halakan comes to realize that thousands of lives hang in the balance.   As his resolve, and his double life, are stretched to the breaking point, he realizes he has to take a stand against the forces of evil within the Emirate of Iskandar. He must find a way to foil an invasion that would start a war, protect the people he has deceived, save the people he loves, and find a way to make it out alive … if he can. To accomplish this, will mean going up against the most powerful foe he has ever faced, and the very man who has put him in this position.  The Emir of Iskandar, a man who happens to be, Halakan’s own father.