Happy Adventures!  From your friends, Jim & Wendy
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First off, Wendy and I would like to thank you for exploring our website, and sharing in our world of adventure, cosplay, and role playing.   After all, why do people dress up at halloween, or go to costume balls.   Well, to be seen, of course, and to have a little fun and hopefully make a few friends along the way. We believe everyone should enjoy life, and make an adventure out of it, After all, mates, we only get one go at it, and there are no do overs, so lets get out there and start having some fun. In addition to running our small maintenance business, based out of Danville, Virginia, we enjoy adventure traveling, costuming, and even, the endless projects we come up with on our seven acres of land outside of Danville.   We attend many costume events, everything from renaissance festivals to, Dragon Con, the Carolina Con, and as many other events as we can find the time to do.  We also occasionally use our costumes to entertain folks at some of the area retirement homes near where we live.  Wendy and I work together on a themed dance, or sometimes a short play.  It’s nice to be able to help people escape into another world of fun, and imagination, even if it is only for a couple of hours. Speaking of imagination, as you can see from the pictures posted below, Wendy and I have what some would call, an overactive imagination.   We enjoy becoming lost in other worlds, created by other authors such as, JK Rowling, RA Salvatore, John Flanagan, and Raymond Feist.   These of course, are not the only authors we admire, and have been influenced by, there are just too many to list here. These world that we love so much, and out own overactive imaginations, are the driving force, and inspiration, that has compelled us to put ink to paper and begin building the world of Nithrendia.  It is a world filled with so many stories, and vibrant and interesting characters, and adventures, that we often find ourselves flooded with ideas and stories.  So much so that we have more stories and ideas, than time to write.  However, find the time to write …we do!!! Between jobs, from the hotel when on the road, on the weekends, evenings off work, but then of course, this actually is how we relax. As we are inspired by the brilliant styles, and works of other authors, we are also inspired, by the passions of the many friends we have made, the places we have been, and our own life experiences.   Some of our characters and stories even date back to my days as a game master, and player, as our group of friends gathered in the high school library, and each others homes on the weekend for role playing games.  Some of our friends, with their gracious permission, will appear in our works as we go along.  Some are featured as passing characters, or their real life business, may also be found withing the towns and villages of our books.  A few however, will go on to become main characters, throughout our continuing series of books. Again … thank you for exploring our world, and we hope you will come back soon to look around again, as we will continue to add new content, and value, to our site.    
Above and left, we played with the instructors from the European Arts at Arms Academy, at a Scottish festival … hence the kilt I am wearing.  Greenville, SC. ‘fight a knight’ for charity.
Above we are at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, my early days of putting to- gether the ‘Leigh Kraine,’ costume.
We are also Dark Lords of the Sith Empire.  Here we picked a fight with our ‘Jedi’ wait staff at PF Changs - Greensboro.
My wife and I, dancing as Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. (Harry Potter) After a good dinner @ Carini’s - Danville
I thought my rep- utation as Lucius would have been enough, - GIVE UP THE CANDY!
Ambassador Dharzhan Khazode and his wife, Zenestra, of the Nithrendian Drow … and yes, as a matter of fact we did make an alliance with the empire.
We hit Applebees as Leigh Kraine, & Scarlett Stridenhold, what a show that was. Applebees - Danville
Jim Shaw
Wendy Shaw